Disaster Relief

From devastating house fires to extensive commercial property damage, we have the experience you need to recover.

Every claim is different. But our service never wavers. We are here for each client, making the complex simple. Taking every call. Answering every question. Fighting for every last penny.

If your home or business has been damaged in a fire, flood or storm, or if you’ve been the victim of theft or vandalism, we understand how daunting the road ahead looks. Swerling Milton Winnick is here to make disaster recovery easier. With decades of experience and complete dedication to our clients, we are ready to take over for you today – as soon as you call us. From the largest hurricanes to the smallest apartment break-in, we have been there, turning disaster recovery into relief you can trust.

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Fire and Smoke Damage

If you have had a fire at your residential or business property, we understand that you need help immediately, and that you are overwhelmed and devastated. We have helped thousands of families and business owners with disaster recovery after fires – and we can help you.

Our experts will:


  • Explain every detail of your insurance coverage
  • Identify the best possible temporary housing or work space provided by your insurance policy
  • Coordinate qualified vendors to prevent further property damage
  • Create a detailed inventory and estimate of residential, commercial and/or personal property damage to maximize coverage under your insurance policy
  • Work with you throughout the rebuilding of your home or business
  • Create a building repair/replacement cost claim
  • Estimate business interruption claims
  • Estimate business relocation expenses

Our customers say:

“The Swerling team – and we worked with the same wonderful team members throughout the claim – met with us at the property the day after the fire. We had no idea where to start – Swerling took care of every detail – from knowing which smoke-damaged items could be cleaned and which had to be replaced, to telling us we could get immediate replacement housing through our insurance – to helping get our dream home built.”

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Flood, Water Damage and Mold

Property damage caused by flood or water can be extensive and insidious – interior water damage may be invisible to the eye, but can result in mold that ruins property and possessions. Water damage can occur as a result of floods, storms, frozen or burst pipes, ice dams or sink, tub or toilet leaks. SMW can help you recover from water damage – and ensure that your property is safe from ongoing damage due to mold.

Our experts will:


  • Ensure that your property is safe for reentry, assessing damage to electrical and other systems
  • Catalog property losses to maximize recovery
  • Explain and clarify complex water and mold damage coverage
  • Maximize your recovery for the type of water damage your home or business sustained

Our customers say:

“When my warehouse was flooded, I lost millions of dollars in inventory – and that didn’t include the extensive damage to the warehouse itself. I soon learned that insurance coverage for water and mold damage is one of the most complex coverages there is. I could never have gotten my business back on track without Swerling’s expert help…”

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Storm Damage: Wind, Hail, Ice, Snow, Hurricane and Lightning

The power and frequency of hurricanes, tropical storms and Nor’easters is increasing every year, and whether you live or work on the coast or inland, if your property has suffered storm damage, we can help. Damage from something as seemingly small as an ice dam on your roof can destroy a large part of your house.

Our experts will:


  • Help you find vendors to make temporary repairs and prevent further damage, even at a time when most of your neighbors are also seeking the same services
  • Help you understand what your policy provides to get the best possible temporary housing or office space if necessary
  • Take advantage of our wide network of contacts to help with repairs, and vet potential repair companies to avoid storm chaser scams
  • Work with the insurer to begin the recovery process immediately
  • Work with insurance adjusters – who often come from other parts of the country after a storm – to make sure they understand local valuations and provide the best possible estimate
  • Maximize recovery on all parts of your claim
  • Maximize business interruption, extra expense and/or relocation insurance

Our customers say:

“After the hurricane, we returned to our home and business to find that the receding water had left sand, damage and debris – not to mention a stench – that made the property uninhabitable. Not a single “24-hour’ service company would return our calls. With one call, Swerling took care of everything…”


Theft or Vandalism

If you have suffered a break-in, burglary, robbery, theft or vandalism, whether at your home or business, we understand your feelings of loss and violation. The first thing you must do is file a police report – your insurance coverage will not apply until you do. One you have filed the police report, SMW can help.

Our experts will:


  • Maintain evidence and prepare documentation to prove the value and ownership of any stolen property
  • Ensure that your property is safe and secure going forward
  • Maximize recovery of all stolen or damaged property

Our customers say:

“After the robbery, I felt so violated and scared. The last thing I wanted to do was relive this with my insurance company. The burglars had taken one of the cushions from my sofa to pad stolen electronics – and SMW got me a whole new sofa. SMW took over for me and meticulously documented my claim and helped me make my home safe and secure.”