Property managers, condominium board members, and owners of condo units – we’ve got you covered. You need to understand what coverage you have, and what you might need to respond to a wide range of property disasters.

Condo claims present unique challenges that require specialized knowledge throughout the insurance claims process. Fortunately for you, SMW has decades of experience managing condominium claims. And we want to share that knowledge with you.

On this page, you will find answers to pretty much every type of condo-related insurance claim question. Our thought leadership posts are designed to help you enter and manage the entire insurance claims process.

Condo association insurance policy

Does your condo association insurance policy have enough building code coverage for current requirements?

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What about mold?

Is there a mold exclusion in your condo insurance policy?

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Master Policy vs Individual Unit Owner Policy

What are the differences – and tensions – between the master policy (which covers the entire condo building) and your individual unit owner policy?

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Will I be covered for hurricane damage?

Do you have sufficient coverage to withstand a hurricane?

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"Per Unit" deductible

Do you understand your “per unit” deductible?

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Why should a condominium community hire a public adjuster?

A condominium loss is a very different situation from an individual home or business loss, and can be particularly confusing and complicated.  There are many parties involved, and it is necessary to keep the management company, unit owners, condo association or board and tenants informed throughout the process.  A public adjuster can explain how the different insurance policies and condominium documents interact with one another, and the responsibilities of each party.

As public adjusters, we will prepare the claim for the condo association and determine what portion of the damage falls within the association’s insurance policy, and what portion is to be claimed under the unit owners’ insurance policies.  We examine all aspects of the claim, like what improvements a unit owner has made to their individual unit, and convey that information to the insurance company.

If we are engaged to represent a condo association or management company, we take the time to investigate and gather information where the insurance company adjuster will not. Further, we coordinate communication between the individual unit owners, condo board, management company, attorneys and insurance agents involved so that the association members or management professionals can focus on rebuilding.

Condominium claims require a strong leader who can prepare the claim, supply a breakdown for damages for each involved owner and common area, understand the insurance policy and condominium documents, and take the time to communicate and deliver accurate information so that everyone understands the process and ultimate goal.  At SMW, we excel at all of these tasks.