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Meet your dedicated team

We bring together a deep roster of professionals who collaborate as one team, combining individual expertise and specialization to work together – for you.

Every team member has passed strict state examinations covering insurance law and building construction procedures and is a licensed loss adjustment expert.

Paul Winnick Headshot

Paul Winnick


Since 1976, when he was recruited to join SMW by Bruce Swerling, Paul Winnick has built a reputation as a leader in the insurance adjustment field. Paul’s hard work and dedication have allowed SMW to reach businesses and residents locally, nationally and internationally. On a daily basis, Paul brings his experience and extensive knowledge to bear in resolving the most sophisticated and complex cases for SMW clients. Read More about Paul Winnick
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Diane Swerling

Vice President, SPPA

Since joining SMW in 1994, Diane Swerling has proudly carried on her father’s legacy. She focuses on SMW’s most complex and significant cases, including major residential, business and personal property losses, and business interruption claims. In addition to representing clients, Diane manages all internal operations at SMW, insuring that everything runs smoothly so that the SMW team can focus all of their attention on client claims. Read More about Diane Swerling
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Dayle Swerling Burke

Principal, SPPA

During her more than 30 years working diligently for SMW clients, Dayle Swerling Burke has earned a stellar reputation in the industry and with insurers. Unlike most Public Insurance Adjusters, who farm out the detailed work of cataloguing each item lost or damaged in a catastrophe, SMW is fortunate that Dayle keeps that work in-house. She spends most of her time out in the field, preparing detailed inventories of personal property in homes and businesses. Read More about Dayle Swerling Burke
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Michelle Canniff


Michelle is head of Forensic Accounting at SMW, bringing more than 25 years of experience in the field of investigative and forensic accounting. Her expertise includes analyzing and measuring commercial insurance claims consisting of business interruption, extra expense, property damage, inventory, and fidelity losses from small to complex matters. Michelle has a wide exposure to various industries, and has demonstrated success in providing timely, effective results to clients while maintaining strong relationships with all participants involved in the claims process.
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Bryan Holtzman

Vice President of Claims

With 20 years of experience at SMW, Bryan follows in his grandfather Bert’s & father Jerry’s footsteps as part of the SMW family. His construction expertise allows him to help SMW accurately estimate every part of a building claim to ensure that each client finds his family or her business in a re-built home or building that exceeds expectations.
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Tony Scarpellini

Building Adjuster

Tony brings his hands-on construction experience to help SMW’s clients, and specializes in helping residential and commercial clients rebuild their home, business or industrial facility. He has more than 15 years of experience in construction oversight and building claims adjustment.
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Ross Landers

Building Adjuster

Ross works with SMW clients on a variety of claims, utilizing his more than 25 years of building and remodeling experience to accurately estimate reconstruction and other costs after a loss. With more than ten years of focus in the insurance restoration industry, Ross is also a former licensed construction supervisor, and is an OSHA and lead safety certified contractor. His extensive construction experience makes him a valuable asset to SMW’s clients, especially those with complex restoration and rebuilding needs.
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Ricky Turgeon

Building Adjuster

Ricky’s first job was in construction during his high school days. He began his career in the insurance industry at Liberty Mutual, adjusting claims for the insurance company for 16 years. In 2005 he made the switch to become a licensed public adjuster and has been representing policyholders ever since. Joining SMW in 2020, Ricky handles both commercial and residential losses, helping policyholders accurately estimate their damages and making sure they get what they are entitled to.
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Jenn Jennings

Inventory Specialist

Jenn developed her keen eye for detail and high-level organizational skills through decades of project management work in the film industry. Having overseen intricate building restoration projects, exacting set productions and complex corporate relocations, Jenn understands that no two claims – or properties – are alike, and takes personal pride in working closely with clients to accomplish their specific goals.
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Amber Lawrence

Inventory Specialist

Amber joined the personal property team of SMW in 2024. From her experience in the pharmaceutical industry, she brings great attention to detail and precision to her current work compiling inventories for policyholders after property losses.

Brian Boucher


Brian joined SMW in 2022, bringing a decade of experience in the construction and remediation industries along with being part-owner of a company with his father. He now helps with many aspects of the claims process, assisting with building estimate reviews, completing personal property inventories and supporting the business interruption department with preliminary data analysis.

Maureen Spognardi

Office Manager

For over 15 years, Maureen has been tasked with keeping things running smoothly at SMW. From greeting you as you walk in the door to keeping client databases organized and complete, Maureen coordinates all administrative matters in-house at SMW.
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Chloe Finn

Executive Assistant

Joining the company in 2018, Chloe serves as Executive Assistant to the partners of SMW. Specializing in editing and marketing, she makes sure SMW’s educational content reaches our followers every day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Chloe handles all licensing and continuing education compliance for our adjusters, while also acting as the administrator of the Massachusetts Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.
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Adam Swerling

Client Relations

Adam is part of the fifth generation of Swerlings to work with the SMW team, following in his grandfather Bert’s & father Jimmy’s footsteps. With a marketing and accounting degree and 10 years of experience in insurance adjusting, Adam works with prospective SMW clients, helping them connect with a specialized team to successfully resolve their claim. Read More about Adam Swerling
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Jeffrey Winnick

Client Relations

Although Jeffrey joined the SMW team more than 15 years ago, he has always been a part of the SMW family, as he joins in his father’s footsteps helping prospective and new clients, and making sure that they are well cared-for during the claims process. “Seeing the sigh of relief – and the weight lifted – as a client realizes we are taking control of their claim, and they no longer have to worry, gives me tremendous pride.”  Read More about Jeffrey Winnick
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Jesse Dupuis

Client Relations

Jesse joined SMW’s sales team in 2023. Honing his customer service skills during his long tenure in the hospitality industry, he then went on to work at restoration companies, helping clients who’d suffered fire and water losses to determine what they needed, and reviewing their insurance policies to assess their coverage. He is now part of SMW’s client relations team, assisting new clients from the outset of their claims process, with a special focus in the Rhode Island area.
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Bill DePiano


Bill DePiano is President of DePiano & Todisco, one of New England’s best-known insurance adjusting firms. With more than four decades of experience as a public adjuster, Bill uses his wealth of insurance and construction experience to help his clients restore and rebuild after a property loss. Bill is recognized in the industry for his expertise in estimating both building and business interruption claims. Bill relishes helping the underdog and making insurance companies fulfill their obligations to their clients. Bill’s approach to business interruption claims is to look at the business, size up what it does, and figure out how to present that to the insurance company’s forensic accountant in the best possible light. As a long-standing leader in the insurance industry, he is often chosen to serve on Reference panels. Bill has been actively involved with both NAPIA and MAPIA for many years.

Joel Cadoret


Joel has been a part of the DePiano & Todisco team for more than 16 years, applying his construction and public adjuster experience to his clients’ claims. Joel’s work history started in the trades, where he worked as a carpenter. He then entered the insurance industry and served as a Senior Field Underwriter and Senior Property Adjuster. Joel’s extensive building knowledge and background help him achieve the best settlements possible for his clients. He is a member of both NAPIA and MAPIA.

Kevin Carragher

Building Estimator/Adjuster

Kevin joined DePiano & Todisco in 2011 as a public adjuster and building loss estimator. Prior to joining the firm, he worked as an independent insurance claims adjuster for almost 20 years. During that time, he worked on a substantial amount of first party commercial and residential claims. Prior to entering the insurance field, Kevin managed and supervised construction projects, which included multi-unit residential and light commercial projects. He was a licensed MA Construction Supervisor until his license expired in 2007. He combines his hands-on construction experience with nearly 30 years of insurance experience to help residential and commercial clients successfully get through the insurance claims process. Kevin is an officer of MAPIA and a member of NAPIA.

William DePiano III (Will)


Will started his career as an Estimator’s Assistant at a leading construction company, and later followed in his father’s footsteps by joining DePiano & Todisco in 2016. Will applies his construction and remodeling experience to his client’s claims, specializing in building estimates for homeowners who have suffered a loss due to fire or water.

Linda Sherlock

Office Administrator

Linda has been DePiano & Todisco’s Office Administrator since 1982, handling everything from bookkeeping and invoicing to opening claims. Linda keeps the whole team focused and the office running smoothly. In her free time, she acts as Secretary of the New England Lighthouse Lovers, and also enjoys decorative painting and crafting.