December 30, 2019

SMW’s Diane Swerling Joined MCLE Seminar on Settling Cases Involving Insurance Companies

If you’re an attorney representing a client in an insurance claim, you want to secure a favorable outcome.  Whether you’re negotiating settlements for cases, or mediating with insurance companies, it’s critical that you understand issues related to insurance companies and how they handle cases.

For many attorneys, however, questions remain: What does the insurance company need to evaluate a case for settlement?  How are settlement numbers reached?

On December 9, SMW’s Diane Swerling joined an expert panel, sponsored by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE), examining these and other related questions.  Speaking from the perspective of a public insurance adjuster, Diane gave advice on how to effectively communicate with the insurance company’s adjuster.  She also provided tips and tricks on properly documenting your claim in order to help expedite the claims process.

Diane’s presentation gave MCLE participants an overview of the claims process, and discussed the policy conditions that insureds must comply with after a loss.  She also walked attorneys through case studies of claims involving “burnt out of sight” properties.

If you missed the December 9 panel, don’t fret: you can watch the recorded version on Monday, December 23 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm.  Go to for details on the recorded webcast.

Don’t miss your chance to learn the ins and outs of settlements involving insurance companies and be prepared for your next case!


Diane Swerling

Diane Swerling is a Principal at Swerling Milton Winnick, and current Vice President of the Massachusetts Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. She has particular expertise in claims involving condominium associations and commercial policies.
If you’ve had a fire, flood or other property loss resulting in an insurance claim, and need a public insurance adjuster in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New England or anywhere in the U.S. or Caribbean, call Swerling Milton Winnick. We are the oldest and largest public adjusting firm in New England, and our team of experts will give you personalized, 24/7 attention to successfully resolve your residential or business insurance claim.