Your Business

A hurricane destroyed the condos your company manages.
A fire ravaged your restaurant’s kitchen.
The pipes froze in your warehouse. Now what?

Let SMW handle your company’s insurance claim so you can get back to work. We are here to represent your interests. We’ll negotiate with your insurer, coordinate and oversee recovery and allow you to focus on running your business. Let us do our job so you can do yours.

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Your Business

If your business has suffered a loss – whether from fire, water damage, natural disaster or other incident – we can answer the questions you’re asking right now, and get you back on track, so you and your employees can get back to work. Your team at SMW will help you make the right decision at every stage of recovery: whether to salvage merchandise or replace it. How and when to resume partial or total business operations. What to do about loss of income, and loss of rents. If you have a question, we have the answer – and the business solution.

Let our business insurance adjusters:

  • Analyze your policy coverage, including complex valuation clauses and co-insurance issues
  • Assess damage to inventory, machinery, equipment, fixtures and furniture
  • Determine the cost of improvements and betterments
  • Account for business interruption losses, forecasts of sales and production, current and future pricing and loss of rental income
  • Manage every detail to obtain the best possible settlement

Our Customers Say:

“WinnResidential manages over 92,000 apartments and condominiums in 23 states, and we have trusted SMW with our insurance adjusting needs for over three decades.”



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At Swerling Milton Winnick, we aren’t just expert business insurance adjusters – we are business owners. We run our own company – and have for four generations. We understand your concerns as a business owner, and the pressure you are under to take care of your employees, customers and reputation – and to get your business up and running as soon as possible. Call us today to talk to a business insurance adjuster who is also a business owner  – and who understands what’s at stake.