July 2, 2019

While Vacationing This Holiday Weekend, Will Your Homeowner’s Personal Property Coverage Go With You?

If you’re a homeowner, you might be going on the road this Independence Day, packing up the car with expensive outdoor gear for camping, grilling and enjoying water sports.  If your adventure results in damage to any of this personal property, don’t worry; you’re probably covered.  How?  Under the Personal Property coverage of your homeowner’s policy.

That’s right: under the Special Homeowner’s Policy and other standard homeowner’s policies, your Personal Property coverage travels with you – even when you’re far from your home.

Let’s say that again: anywhere in the world you might go, your homeowner’s policy provides coverage when your “stuff” gets damaged by a covered cause of loss.

Suppose your 4th of July trip involves hauling a packed station wagon full of expensive fishing and camping gear to Cape Cod.  You’re staying in a small cottage that your friend owns.  While you’re grilling, some kids shoot a bottle rocket into the dry brush next to the cottage.  A fire starts and burns down the entire cottage – with all your expensive stuff in it.

Your friend’s homeowner’s policy doesn’t have adequate personal property coverage.  What about all the gear you brought with you?

Not to worry!  You’re covered.  Call your insurance agent and report your loss.  Inventory all of your damaged items, and you should be on your way to collecting for your loss – thanks to your homeowner’s policy’s Personal Property coverage.

Hopefully you won’t have to activate this lesson.  But it’s good to know!

Happy Independence Day from SMW!

Mindi Labella

Mindi is a CPA who specializes in commercial losses, business interruption, extra expense and time element claims. She is an integral member of the SMW team, drawing on her business background to advocate on behalf of our clients.
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